Living in Rhode Island's East Bay, the strong connection small businesses and entrepreneurs forged within the community has been a tremendous influence on me. Watching brands grow and create a positive effect on their patrons has always intrigued and excited me. In turn, I try to do all that  I can to help brands spread the word, build their audience, and become a trusted source of knowledge & information within their community circles, and industry as a whole. 

Value for Value

No Cut Corners. No Gimmicks. Just Hard Work.

Feel free to send me a message to get the conversation going. I'd love to learn about what you're doing! Take a look below to learn more about the things my clients most often request. If you're own needs break the mold I can send you a custom offer that perfectly matches your project, budget, and timeline. 

Blogs & Articles

The written word can convey your brand’s thoughts, identity, knowledge, and value in different way than audio and video— drawing the attention of your audience that’s looking for something other mediums can’t bring.

From editing and polishing existing outlines, to writing entire pieces from scratch— we’ll work together to create written content that captures your message and offers value to your readers. 

Collaborating on which of your concepts are best suited for writing, I’ll make sure to preserve your brand’s personality & tone. 

  1. We’ll start with the themes, topics, and ideas you want to expand on.
  2. I’ll send you a list of questions I’ll need your notes/thoughts on.
  3. You’ll receive a finished piece that you can publish

Don’t know where to start for an article? How about expanding on your existing ideas that are already consumed and enjoyed by your audience! Send me a message and we can brainstorm :D

Artist Statements

If you’re introducing your work & portfolio online, or greeting first time viewers of your piece in a gallery, having a concise artist statement is a necessity. Translating the technical aspects of your craft, or the nuances of your inspiration, isn’t easy… I’ll help you get your message across in a way that reflects your individual style, tone, and attitude. 

I’ve worked closely with and around fine artists and musicians for over a decade; while I could never do what they do, I developed a knack understanding their grit— why they’re driven to produce their work— and relaying that in a way that’s easy for others to understand. 

  1. Start with any existing notes/drafts of a statement you have
  2. Answer some of my questions about your artwork, and career
  3. You’ll receive an Artist Statement that suites your needs & demographic 

Web Content

No matter the focus of your site— branding a brick and mortar business, representing an organization, offering an online or digital product/service... writing your copy is always a tug of war between accurately describing your brand to visitors, cutting excess fluff or unnecessary verbiage, and having summaries that work friendly when cataloged by search engines or shared on social media. 

Particularly if you’re creating your online presence from scratch, and for a highly technical product or service... knowing where to start isn’t easy. 

The more information you give me, the easier it will be to provide what you’re looking for.

I might not know that much about your industry, so being as descriptive as possible regarding your offering, and your client demographic is key. If you already have long form established content, a business plan, or similar documents, those are great for me to work from. 

I can look over what you have, and help identify which specific elements that should be simplified and presented on your website. 

  1. Send me your documentation, info, and content specifics. These can be written, in a video, or even audio notes. If you have a site-map structure, or other summary headers in mind that would also help. 
  2. I’ll research and look through all of the info you supplied, and turn that into written copy for your website!
  3. We’ll work together to make sure it’s perfect for you :D

Professional Summary & Bio

Showcasing your professional background, abilities, and motivations is important. Wether you’re in a public facing role like a Real Estate Agent, or work behind the scenes in your organization’s Operations— choosing which elements to present to your specific reader can be daunting… especially if you’re writing about yourself. 

I can help with that. Matching your tone, and capturing your personality, we’ll work together to make sure your bio is perfect for the demographic you have in mind. 

  1. Send me your notes/drafts/ or CV for background 
  2. Answer some questions to further outline what you’re looking for
  3. I’ll prepare a personal summary for you!