How to Market Your Dog

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Listen to the Tartare Project. It’s a cool show that’s variable enough to never get old, and always has some value— at the least an entertaining interview where you can learn something new that’s interesting.

Depending on your own professional niche, certain guests on the show can offer tremendous insight, by dropping accessible examples of their career that can be translated or adapted to suit your own projects.

In episode fourteen Elias Weiss Friedman, founder of The Dogist describes his experience in growing that brand, and how his audience reacted to it as the brand grew.

I found it useful as a case study of managing and building an objective brand; as something separate from yourself, and held responsible to its own values. Friedman also describes his perspective of good brand storytelling by communicating with individuals/customers on equal footing and how that informed The Dogist.

Definitely worth a listen. See if you can extract some value for your own work. Episode 14. Tartare Project. Go.

Ryan CaldaroneComment