Are You Interesting? Why what you do should be incorporated into your content.

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It’s okay. I’m not interesting either.

From our individual daily grinds, to shifts, departments, and even the top down view of an organization; there are components of the work, or the industry, that we feel are just plain uninteresting to the public.

Even aspects that are truly mundane— things like paperwork every body has to do, or every business has to file, can still provide value as part of your overall content package.

You are the variable

There’s a reason reality TV has taken off, and hasn’t waned since… and it’s not just the cringe-worthy satisfaction we can have by looking at others experiencing less fortunate events.

The sheer transparency of open documentation helps people viewing sympathize, and put themselves in your shoes. This can bring viewers closer to the subject, because by “being there” they’ve taken part ownership for the brand, or show, or entity.

This is why YouTubers, podcasts, and countless other brands, magazines, service professionals, and taste makers have developed such an organic and devoted following. They understand that perspective is what makes their content different.

Not to say that you can get away with publishing any old crap— the creative or content still needs to be of good quality ( and this can come in part from authenticity, not just by being polished ), but the seeds or concept can be from literally anything.

I’d watch JennaMarbles do her taxes.

The entire world has watched a pawn shop shoot a behind-the-scenes show about what employees do from the other side of the counter. While these are obviously examples of top-down focused productions, there are still steal-able techniques you can adapt into your own marketing practices.

A common tactical approach most socially focused brands use is tremendously scalable: account takeovers. On a monthly. weekly, or even daily basis one of more of your channels can be taken over by one of your team members/employees/staff/etc. Acting as editor for the day, this individual becomes your brand ambassador. Shifting the content to a personal one-on-one interaction without altering the 3rd party professional tone of your overall media presence.

People treat what they own differently.

In most cases we’d like to think that means better. The more directly engaged people feel they are with something, the more loyalty they’re going to have towards that brand. This plays itself out in the real world through one of the most effective forms of referrals— word of mouth.

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