How to Write a Bio

There’s a lot of pressure to having a decent bio, whether it’s for your brand or business— or for your own professional representation. From a short blurb for press, or an in-depth overview of your career, the basic building blocks are the same.

Be true to your tone, and transparent. 

By tone I mean your voice. Present yourself the way you would in person, wether that means casual, guarded, professional, whimsical, or otherwise. Rather than taking the additional time & effort to mold lofty phrases, just pear it down. Be reductive and minimalistic. 

The Process.

Start off by freely writing. Think of how you would introduce yourself to someone new, in a two or five minute window. From there, pepper in any singular experiences, moments, or touchstones that have shaped your work ethic, or perspective. 

You’ll get more across, make a meaningful impact on your reader, if you keep it simple and strive to be transparent. Strive to avoid buzz words or lists of “action verbs” to include. That isn’t to say certain tenses can’t be used to your advantage… you just shouldn’t use phrases that wouldn’t otherwise be a part of your vocabulary. 

If you’re stuck on where to start, here’s a list of questions to spark thought. Don’t answer them too literally, use them as a spring board; remember in early drafts to be casual and conversational. 

  • What Drives you to grow professionally? 

  • What makes you, and what you offer unique?

  • How would you introduce yourself in a quick 2 min. conversation with a new professional

  • Which singular moments/experiences have shaped your work ethic?

  • Which moments/experiences have changed your perspective?

  • What notable accomplishments showcase your key strengths or career?

  • How would a peer or work colleagues describe your best attributes? What would those

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