What Does Your Instagram Profile Look Like?

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There’s nothing wrong with applying a heavy hand to shaping what visitors to your account profile see. After all, these images videos and slides stay there forever. You likely want to preserve a brand identity, and stick with a familiar format for your posts… so your followers know what they’re getting. You can even make those Brady Bunch style multi-image compositions… those are cleaver, right?

Ogres Onions and Cakes have…

Layers. I feel that people should have the benefit of the doubt; intelligent enough to separate the patience and emotional responses for multiple types of media consumption during an individual Instagram session.

People will get it. The same account that posts those motivational messages of encouragement on a semi-opaque overlay to an image… can also post other types of stuff. Preserving brand identity doesn’t mean excluding a variety of content.

All of the reasons you’d want to create a familiar format are still true, and valid within the tone of a single post. Keep posting them. But allow yourself to also create content with other tones as well.

If you’re serious about your Instagram presence, post content that caters to when your followers are active.

Which is all the time obviously. Any moment in the past where people would be thumbing through the paper on the train, or reading a fashion mag at the hair salon, or browsing through their doctor’s office’s aging collection of reading material…. today they’re probably on Instagram.

This will remain true until the app drops off that first few inches on the most-downloaded free apps list.

If the concept of Magazines is still familiar to you, then think of what a magazine would look like if you were to tear out every page and lay them out in a 3x grid on the floor in front of you.

You Are the Magazine. Each Post is a Page Flip.

Some pages are written articles. Some are full page ads. Some are entertaining, and others are informative. Some content is persuasive, while other content is editorial. You get the idea. It’s not a new one, it’s just crammed inside a cell phone instead of rolled up and shoved in a purse, backpack, or briefcase.

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