How I Refresh My Marketing Copy

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Stealable Techniques

Learn by doing has always been the way to improve writing and critical analysis within the academic world; or at least that's how it is in practice. Writing essay after essay to attempt to persuade readers of your opinion or perspective on a piece can seem like the only variable in which you can measure time. But if you've succumbed to the slog of writing for the sake of writing... it's easy to forget the point of being an essayist.

That point is, breaking your subject up into individual sections to illustrate whatever argument you're trying to make. In doing so, repeatedly, you should be able to identify why writers tend to position thoughts a certain way, how they phrase statements to reach an audience, or even simple phrases or technical aspects they employ that catch your eye.

Taking and saving these bits of practice or technique is how you can begin assembling and designing your own tone as a writer. But it's also a good way to collect an arsenal of tools when it's time to argue your own points using the written word.

Subscribe, Follow, Pin, Notify

I started to use the term Stealable Technique whenever I cam across something new, noteworthy, or what I thought as clever when looking at something another writer/brand wrote/published.

Particularly when you're starting from scratch, or learning a new platform, the best way to perfect your own strategy is to follow publications you like -- or at least ones you feel are doing it right.

Be mindful and think like a marketer whenever you interact with e-mail newsletters you subscribe to, start turning on post notifications to Insta accounts you'd aspire to be like, and screenshot like crazy when you come across an ad or sponsored post in the wild that makes an impact.

Collect & Analyze

Collect all of your notes, thoughts, and screenshots. Rather than set aside a scheduled time to practice your oppo research, just behave like normal. Try to look at each piece of copy or visuals from both ends... both as a user/consumer and with your marketer brain. Once you collate a hefty bunch of these saved examples that strike you, maybe you can identify some similarities, or at least some over arching concepts you can apply to your own behavior.

Never Shut Off

Having that marketer brain can be like most trades... in the way that it's easy to become that annoying uncle, or person in the group of friends who always as to ruin things by pulling back the curtain. When it comes down to it, your job is to utilize a given medium persuasively... which means at some level breaking it. Using it for more than it was originally intended. By adopting the above mentioned practice of self-study you'll at the very least make sure you're current. Maybe you'll even get lucky and catch a few concepts, ideas, and practices before they get overused -- and less effective.

This is how I aim to keep things fresh, current, and fight against stagnation. If the aim is to present a brand to an audience as if it is a community, more interaction-focused or commentary based content is a way to evolve with your readers.

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