Turn Your Boardroom Into a Blog

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Do you have regular meetings with your senior staff, department heads, or regular customers? Regardless if you have a physical boardroom, or update your team remotely through Facetime, make these interactions work for you by translating them into written work articles to promote your organization.

The Pulse of Your Org

You should definitely decide if the ultimate reader will be your own internal employees, customers, potential leads, or the general public… although I feel this can be done effectively to service each of those demographics.

Your regular meetings, town halls, or simple daily/weekly updates can tell a lot about your business… particularly about which things are valuable to your ideals, how they align with your brand purpose, and how your senior staff addresses and responds to each concept or crisis.

If you’re proud of the atmosphere and abilities of your team, shouldn’t you show it off? Instead of the increasingly commonplace and overproduced scripted video updates or press releases, why not publish something that’s real, tangible, and holds an element of tension.

Some of the greatest business relationships are forged and maintained because a customer enjoys how you operate, the dedication your team has for their account, and how strong you’ll go up at bat for their interests. Why not skip a step in the testimonial process by publishing directly to your potential leads, exactly what it’s like to work with you on a project.

Let’s Not Upset Anyone

Obviously the subject and content of these regular meetings is confidential. There are details of your own process, organization, and those of your customers you don’t want to divulge. That said, moving forward with this endeavor is still very possible.

The essential investment is having a dedicated writer-- perhaps someone from your marketing staff, to be in the room or on the line at all times. Make sure you trust them, and develop a rapport on how you’d like the narrative to be shaped… keeping in mind your brand purpose. Allow them to record the interaction in full, by taking notes and recording audio while being the proverbial fly on the wall.

Later, this writer and/or you and your marketing team can develop a written piece that includes all of the emotion, integrity, and professionalism your team exhibits while redacting any confidential or sensitive information. It’s really not that outlandish. You don’t need to know the specifics of a narrative to understand the ideals, values, and emotions behind it.


Once written and polished up, decide when and where you want to deliver it. Some usual suspects could be a weekly internal newsletter, within your internal company web portal, maybe on announcements to your customers on a mailing list, on your own site for public viewing… or my personal favorite of d) all of the above

In addition to targeted promotions on your most valuable social platforms which target individuals that work for your desired new customers, leads, and competition.

Let’s say you really trust your staff and how you do things. Your honor and ideologies are of utmost importance. Then have your team scrub that original audio your writer recording during the meeting for each publication, add some bleeps or dead space to anything that’s confidential (you could also delay publication for time sensitive material), and publish it as an RSS feed to run it as a podcast.

I mean… if the answer is you don’t trust the behavior, dedication, and professionalism of your team to create such a piece for marketing your brand… then you’ve got some organizational problems that can’t really be fixed by marketing.

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