Why Artists Should be Hired for Business Roles

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Artists — when they’ve been able to survive in part or in whole off using their experience and talent as an artist; or successfully trained themselves as a fine artist through college and university, are valuable assets to the business world and any work environment.

Focused Paths Make Versatile People

When you are forced to double-down so intensely on a single craft, or sub-set of related techniques and practices, as a person you naturally develop tendencies that can be easily translated to quickened proficiency elsewhere.

My perspective as an observer has shown me that fine art students go through more-or-less the same processes that apprentices and journeymen go through in any other trade, craft, or industry. The added bonus is that depending on the specific program or focus at their institution… some artists have to be both the apprentice and the mentor, doing much of the research and hands-on training themselves.

Primed with Beneficial Learning and Working Tendencies

Meeting Hard Deadlines with Consequences Results Oriented Time Tables Multitasking Naturally Hands-on, Learn by Doing Used to Apprenticeships Self-Motivated —> Attach Personal Sentiment to Projects Multi-Facetted Analytic and Self-Critical Skills Group & Supervisor Critique and Course Corrections are SOP Autonomous Innovation is Valued, not Feared

Type Hype Stereotype

Not all artists are Type A personalities that lend themselves to climbing the corporate ladder. However these Type A tendencies within all artists are required and grown as they learn to shape their craft, promote their work, and accomplish their goals.

This means a versatile hire that has a proven track record of picking up new skills, honing them to a fine point, and solving problems in a creative way that often connects multiple big picture themes or concepts. Moreover, as most artists tend to have a tactile approach and feel to what they’re working with, they’re comfortable with understanding the real world physical implications of what they’re involved in— even if it is from behind a desk… particularly useful in project management or any role along the path of manufacturing.

When you’re hiring for your office, and you see a BFA on the resume, pay extra attention to see how that individual may mesh with your organization. Individual mediums and focus of study aside, artists are more than people that are predisposed for great design and creativity. They’re used to trial by fire, building their own path and following it, and finding a way to achieve the desired project goals... even when the route is confusing and unexpected.

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