Inbound Marketing is publishing enjoyable, uninterruptive, and valuable content around your brand, directly where your client demographic spends time— mainly blogs, audio, photographs, videos or a combination that suits your personality and the attention of your followers. 

Creating excitement around your service, product, or creative work is essential to growing your base. By offering valuable and entertaining content that directly engages with the community at large (via social media outlets, websites and other channels), you & your brand will establish itself as a trusted source of knowledge within your niche and industry. 

I help my clients develop strategies that utilize their media outlets to their advantage, leveraging the mediums that suit them best; to share their story in a narrative way. 

I work with an eclectic range of professionals from many different industries, allowing me the tact and insight to help identify what will work best for you and your demographic. 

A writer by trade, I can totally teach you the most valuable way to blog and communicate for your unique brand… or you can hire me to write your creative & copy for you. 

While I welcome you to hmu and have a conversation directly, you can check out some non-specific tips for free on the Pocket Writer Blog

B.A. English, the University of Rhode Island

I absolutely love watching people work hard and fulfilling their dream, and succeeding at it. My motivation is built upon helping their success and sharing it with their community, building their audience. 

Growing up in Southern New England, the independent small-business work ethic has been forged into my DNA. I understand the do-it-yourself attitude that’s often integral to operating your own shop… but that can mean your own attention can’t be split to cover every aspect of running a business. 

Do what you do best, and I can help to share it and grow your community. 

My point-of-sale system is Fiverr®.

It’s an online marketplace for freelance professionals, providing a structure of mutual reviews, offerings, and portfolios. It’s built upon a small-batch Gig® mentality, so great services are often affordable and quick. 

You can access the site on your mobile device, or standard web browser. Using PayPal® all transactions are completely secure and stress free.