Private music lessons with holistic training, tailored to your influences and learning style. 

Typically my students take on hour long sessions, on a regular weekly basis. Taking each student’s goals and aspirations into consideration, I work to supplement remedial study and build a solid foundation in which to grow musically. Simultaneously working on improving four pillars of theory, technique, maintenance, and genre study; I offer performance centric instruction committed to making my students better musicians. 

Musicianship is a versatile platform that can build character. Requiring patience, devotion, practice, and performance— the very same skills needed to succeed in music can be applied to any professional career. Build integrity, confidence, and experience. Become a better musician today!

Music Theory
Song Analysis, Chord Harmonies, Scales & Modes, Ear Training, Sight Reading.

Technical Instruction
Accuracy, Precision, Rhythm Studies, Smart Practice.

Instrument Maintenance
Upkeep Your Guitar, Amps, Gear, Recording Methods, Genre Specific Accessories, Learn How Your Guitar Works.

Genre Studies
Analyze Artists that Inspire You, Track Patterns that Evolve Throughout Music History, Discover Influencers of your Favorite Artists, Apply Learned Knowledge to Different Styles, Learn to Play like your Favorite Musicians.