Gear Review: MXR 10-Band EQ (MOD) Elevon Audio

I’ve recently stumbled upon a small audio electronics company which focuses on guitar oriented modifications. Elevon Audio was created by two gear-heads whose resume includes the USAF and the DOD. Primarily they offer upgrade mods for classic pedals— and I’ve asked them to perform their mod to my MXR EQ. 

The MXR 10-Band EQ mod features a noise/gain reduction, along with an overhaul of the jacks and connections. Dunlop obviously could not sell their product with audiophile quality components, as the already high price would have sky rocketed— Elevon Audio comes in and takes over where MXR left off. EA replaces the OP AMP with a Burr Brown model for increased clarity and definition, removes the white noise, and upgrades the capacitors all for around $90 USD. 

I was so impressed with their modification, that I wanted to show it off cosmetically— I felt it a shame for Elevon to go through all the trouble and have the housing still look like a stock model. Always intrigued by the vintage MXR blue paint, I decided to give mine a throwback paint job— and of course slapped on an Elevon Audio logo decal. 

In incredibly versatile pedal which can be used for a variety of instruments, I use my MXR 10-Band EQ to shape the frequency sweep after my Distortion Plus to boost the mid-range and treble-range.