Gear Review: Neon Guitar Strings (for Halloween)

DR Multi-Color Strings on my Fender Stratocaster

For me, and most people I know, Halloween is a holiday that inspires more decorations and costumes than all others. The Neon colored strings by DR have been around for a while, and have a reputation for looking pretty killer under UV lighting. I'd written them off as more of a gimmick than a serious alternative to normal strings-- so I was pleasantly surprised at their performance and quality. 

For those of you who are fans of DR Strings, the hand made string... as they're self proclaimed, you'll find that the NEON set are of the same quality. They feel the same as the normal DR sets, have the same weight and tension as a normal DR .10 gauge set, and sound comparatively similar. If you weren't looking at the guitar, they sound like any other set of DR strings. Personally, I find DR strings to be mellow and flat (or not bright). That being said, for blues and fusion playing they work really well-- they nail down that bare bones warm tone very well.

My main concern for the NEON DR strings was that the color was sprayed or painted on. I was waiting for some catastrophic plume of pixie dust to materialize in the air at the first instance of playing. That was not the case. The tint is embedded into the string itself, and has not worn off on my fretting hand at all. I did notice that under excessive strumming, the area of the strings your pick falls over will become eroded and some coloring will flake off. Luckily, the paint is non-metallic and won't find its way into the crevasses of your pickups via magnetic attraction. 

Like most DR strings, this pack really only lasted about 4 to 5 days for me-- then they began to sound flat, and the oils from my hands had eroded away the strings enough for the playability to suffer. In general DR strings have a shorter life than most other brands, but have a shorter brake-in time than Ernie Ball or other comparable brands. 

If you're already using DR strings, trying out these NEON strings is a no-brainer. If you think a string is a string, and play on whatever you can find, these also won't bother you. For users who swear by their favorite brand because they have some proprietary coating, or are sealed in special vacuum packs, these NEON strings will be a noticeable downgrade; but if you've got a Halloween/Rave show to play, the aesthetic created will be well worth it. For around $7.62 a pack, they fall in the middle ground of price range. 

TL;DR : Try it.