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Volume Swells and Jeff Beck

One of my favorite musicians to study (and teach my students) is Jeff Beck. In my opinion Beck is one of the most skilled electric guitarists alive, and has well adapted the instrument to push its boundaries. Of his many “sealable techniques” that everyone can learn and incorporate into their own playing, the one I teach the most is his use of volume swells. Of course, Jeff Beck isn’t the only guitarist to have made this technique a signature part of his playing— but the vocality in which he is able to achieve due to the technique is somewhat unique. While vibrato from the fretting hand and minute pitch shifts from the tremolo bar are fundamental to this vocality, the manipulation of the instrument volume is easily enough mimicked and learned. 

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Spice up your Blues

Like most guitar players I’ve met, I started playing (and had my first lessons) around middle school age. Walk into any local guitar shop that hosts instructors and lessons and you’ll see plenty of 10-15 year olds walking into and out of their classes and learning Blues playing. In fact, most electric guitar players learned Blues and Pentatonic scales and Dominant 7th chords before anything else. It makes sense, since so many Classic Rock, Metal, and even some Rock/Pop songs incorporate aspects of Blues improvisation and chord progressions. However, people grow up and advance in their proficiency and begin to study the specific niche genres and styles they prefer individually… and sadly the Blues often gets left behind. 

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