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MXR Carbon Copy: Cranking the Juice (Running at 18v)

Dunlop's MXR brand is one of the most popular manufacturers of effect pedals, and are used by guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and vocalists alike. Their homage to the vintage 70s MXR analog delay pedal, the Carbon Copy, quickly became one of the most purchased and used delay pedals on the market. Recently collaborated with Dunlop & MXR to release the new Carbon Copy Bright. Now, don't get me wrong... I think a cool new paintjob and an excuse to purchase new gear is totally worth the $160, but for those of us on a budget or who prefer versatility to just stacking a bunch of pedals together it's possible to attain some of the goals of the CC Bright by using the original Carbon Copy.

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DIY Pedalboard: Versatility and Signal Path

For some musicians, the equipment and gear revolving around the craft and industry of modern music can be as enjoyable as learning to play itself-- in fact I argue that it's an integral part of learning an instrument. Typically, I find that once someone discovers how or why something works... be it acoustic reverberation, how magnetic pick ups translate an analog signal out of the guitar (and how the potentiometer there works), or the difference in tonal and clipping characteristics between types of diodes. The knowledge acquired often makes other aspects (particularly those perceived to be more difficult) seem less daunting. Perhaps this is why modern guitarists and bassists obsess about their collection or presentation of their amplifiers and in-line effects.

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Gear Review: MXR CSP104 Distortion Plus (SCRIPT)

n April of 2011 the Dunlop Blog featured an article on an upcoming project by the MXR Custom Shop— In addition to the hardwired vintage re-issue ‘script’ phasers already offered, a script re-issue of the Distortion Plus was in the works. Dunlop continued the production and released the CSP-104 Script Distortion Plus as a UK only release, although Dunlop tech service has assured me the vintage re-issue distortion plus will make a domestic debut some time later this fall. I, however, could not wait, and ordered my unit from a gear shop based out of Manchester. 

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