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What's in a Patch Cable?

World's Best Cables use their own unique 4% blend of silver solder in all their cables, and the joints are military-grade hand soldered. Like most manufacturers, they offer a 5 year warranty. Their 24k Gold Eminence jacks have an advantage over the Switchcraft counterparts. Instead of having in-line solder points which are prone to shorting out, the Eminence jacks have solder points that are almost 90 degrees apart from the cable. Moreover, the Eminence shorting prevention substrate is affixed to the inner roof of the jack's top half... keeping it snug in place.

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Strange Dreams and MTV

The modern millennial focused society has the advantage of being bombarded by video and audio at an almost constant rate. The MTV Generation is gone, and so it seems are the precious moments of just sitting down, and being engulfed in a music video or two. Thanks to YouTube and the avid success of Ready Player One that might be changing. 

The best way to expand your ability and repertoire as a guitarist (or with any primary instrument) is to not f***ing listen to other guitarists. Listen to new and different genres, from different eras in music, and from artists who are widely separated from your normal tendencies. It's always a popular practice routine to play along to a vocal melody on your instrument, and improvise as if you're singing... but I challenge you to dive deeper into your analysis.

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