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Strange Dreams and MTV

The modern millennial focused society has the advantage of being bombarded by video and audio at an almost constant rate. The MTV Generation is gone, and so it seems are the precious moments of just sitting down, and being engulfed in a music video or two. Thanks to YouTube and the avid success of Ready Player One that might be changing. 

The best way to expand your ability and repertoire as a guitarist (or with any primary instrument) is to not f***ing listen to other guitarists. Listen to new and different genres, from different eras in music, and from artists who are widely separated from your normal tendencies. It's always a popular practice routine to play along to a vocal melody on your instrument, and improvise as if you're singing... but I challenge you to dive deeper into your analysis.

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DIY Pedalboard: Versatility and Signal Path

For some musicians, the equipment and gear revolving around the craft and industry of modern music can be as enjoyable as learning to play itself-- in fact I argue that it's an integral part of learning an instrument. Typically, I find that once someone discovers how or why something works... be it acoustic reverberation, how magnetic pick ups translate an analog signal out of the guitar (and how the potentiometer there works), or the difference in tonal and clipping characteristics between types of diodes. The knowledge acquired often makes other aspects (particularly those perceived to be more difficult) seem less daunting. Perhaps this is why modern guitarists and bassists obsess about their collection or presentation of their amplifiers and in-line effects.

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Quick Tip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Playing

1. Practice Makes...

It's fairly difficult to learn how to be a better musician by simply reading about it. The best, and fastest, way to improve is to PRACTICE; this means devoting time to do so. Hours of regular practice, and play, will allow you to 'get better' automatically. Practical experience always trumps theoretical knowledge.

2. Just Play

Practice isn't enough. A consistent practice regimen is fundamental, but doesn't do much unless your routine is assembled into useful format. Instead of repetitive scale and modal runs, create MUSIC and PLAY tunes which illustrate the subject matter and technique. A modern analog: "you don't 'practice' a video game for hours to get to a higher level, you 'play' it." If your guitar routine isn't fun to play, it won't be beneficial. Far too many instructional books, videos, programs, etc. forget to emphasize the the whole point of music: having fun.

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Gear Review: Marshall JCM 900 Mk III 2100

In a time where modern rock was once again at the cusp of an overture, a new decade prompted a new series of flagship 100 watt JCM head and combo amplifiers from Jim Marshall. The first eighteen months of productions gave birth to the mark-three high gain master volume models. These were primarily based on the previous JCM 800s with three 12Ax7 pre-amp tubes and four EL34 power amp tubes— the most significant upgrade being the ability to control the gain of the pre-amp and power stages independently.

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